About HeatBeam Software

HeatBeam Software is a small independant games company which has recently begun life.

We aim to create fast and adrenal games, for those gamers who miss the fast action games of the past. Most modern commercial games occur at a snails pace when compared to games from the past. They force constraints on your in game abilities, making your weapons innacurate and your movement slow.

We here at HeatBeam are passionate about fast action games, and we will strive to create the fastest, most adrenal and most fun games that we can.


Heatbeam Software based in the UK, and is currently a one man company.

Heatbeam Software was formed by Aldwyn Rhys Griffiths in September 2008.

Rhys handles all the of programming, most of the artwork, and all the marketing, web design and support. Rhys has been working on games programming/development for 10 years, starting with mod programming and map making for Quake 2, and proceeding on to various experiments and college/university projects. Emotigeddon is Rhys' first released game.

Contact Details

E-Mail: rhys.griffiths AT heatbeam.com

Telephone: +44 0208 777 6389

Our working hours are between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT.